Building and crafting is an excellent game for those who love sandbox games and a chance to interact with other players.

Long Dark


Building and crafting is an excellent game for those who love sandbox games and a chance to interact with other players.


The game lets you visit the worlds of your friends and lend them a hand to build amazing structures. You can then pay them back later.


MiniCraft 2 is a building and craft game that's available on the Google Play store. The game has a huge community with more than 10 million active players.


In order to use the game, you must have at least 15MB free memory space on your device and Android 4.0 or higher.

hot bar

This hot bar also shows the items in the inventory of each section of the world. He can also use the arrow keys to place blocks on specific planes.

Managing stats

Managing stats in The Long Dark can be a nightmare for new players. While the game is very challenging, there's no reason to give up on the game.


The Long Dark's gameplay has been designed to make the most of its survival and crafting elements. Its vast maps make it easy to spend hours wandering the starting area and exploring unique zones connected to it. But in bad weather, visibility can get low and you can get lost easily.
Cropped shot of a mature carpenter working hard


Luckily, there’s a handy feature called Reveal Map that removes the fog of war and shows you every area in a zone. This makes expeditions much easier, and will also help you plan your route.

Middle-aged man carpenter working in a workshop with chisel and hammer close up


In addition, the trainer will also enable players to change the settings of the game. In addition, crafting is the main source of survival in The Long Dark. Almost everything you find in the game can be used to make other items.

Carpenter Working At Workshop. High quality photo


Wood is an important resource in The Long Dark, as it keeps you warm and can be used to craft arrows. In the game, it is important to find safe spots to harvest wood and other items.

A handsome young carpenter measuring and marking wood.

Game's World

However, the game’s world has been corrupted by red tentacles, which make harvesting hazardous. There are only a few places where you can harvest safely, so you must constantly search for new locations.

Another way to improve your crafting and building skills in The Long Dark is to download the trainer from the official website. It can be installed in the game directory and opens a large table with several boxes to tweak.


A workbench is a great item to have in Valheim, as it will allow you to build many different items. A workbench requires three Wood and two Stone, which can be easily gathered from trees or from black rocks. You will need a sheltered area to place your workbench.


You can also build dungeons in Valheim. These dungeons can contain Vikings or Greydwarfs. A good way to increase the comfort level of your longhouse is to decorate it with plenty of items. There are also various chests in Valheim, the largest of which is the Black Metal Chest, which contains 32 slots. A simple way to determine a building’s stability is to measure its support. Buildings with blue support parts are more stable than those with yellow or red support. However, if a building part passes through any other building parts, it will collapse. Inhaling fumes will cause damage to your character. As you progress in Valheim, you will gain new recipes.